September 2011

Welcome back to the gorgeous 2nd half of Margaret & Chip’s wedding day. Get ready to feast your eyes on the loveliness that Easton Events, Pat’s Floral and Ron Meek created for the happy couple and their very lucky guests. We’re so happy it didn’t all blow away!

Venues: St. John’s Epsicopal Church and Boonsboro Country Club, Lynchburg, VA
Event Planing: Easton Events
Florist: Pat’s Floral Designs & Ron Meek & Co.
Catering: Boonsboro Country Club
Baker: Cooks Alley
Gown Designer: Watters Brides
Hair: Anthony & Co.
Make-up: Make Up Salon
Bagpiper: John’s Pipes of Argyll
Musicians: Ivy Strings & Liquid Pleasure
Videographer: Ian’s Creations
Tent: Skyline Tents

Look. At. That. Sky!

Seriously amazing light.

Even she couldn’t believe it!

Congratulations, Margaret & Chip!!

Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll see you next week!


We hope everyone’s having a great Friday and looking forward to a fun Fall weekend! Before you head out on that hike, though, we’re happy today to share with you the wedding of Margaret and Chip. You might remember Margaret’s bridal session a couple of weeks ago, as well as the little sneak peek of some of their fabulous details. Today you get the main event. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Want more? You can now see the entire wedding gallery, including Margaret’s bridal portraits. The password is Margaret’s maiden name.

Bridesmaid’s wore white, too!

Dear m&c,

Southern wit and charm, thy name is Margaret and Chip. What with Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast, your wedding could have very easily been literally rained out. And while we had some weather action here and there, it wasn’t anything you or your wedding party couldn’t handle with abundant aplomb. There was such ease and calm and acceptance of whatever the weather happened to bring–it was as if you were fine with whatever Mother Nature had in mind, because you knew what the day was all about saying I Do!

We loved the strong dose of personal touches to the entire day, like you getting ready for your ceremony at your childhood home, Margaret, and that you gleefully saw each other for the first time that day in the backyard garden carefully tended by your mom. The fact that you also married in the same church at which your parents were married, and where you yourself were baptized was further evidence of the strong family and community ties you both hold. It was so cool seeing the photo of your parents as they exited that very same church and then capturing a similar moment of the two of you as you start your lives together. And the tears your brothers both shed as you celebrated with your families immediately after was incredibly touching.

While due to high winds you may not have been able to have your food stations in the beautiful Sperry tent set up on the club’s front lawn that night, your calm and relaxed attitude got magically transmitted to all of your guests, as not one person seemed to mind. We were thrilled to have a brief respite just long enough a few minutes after the sun had set to get some incredibly colorful sunset shots of the two of you. Gorgeous! You don’t get colors like that in the sky without a little crazy weather, and we got it in spades that night. We loved it all (except maybe when it was raining on your parade ;-)). We couldn’t have asked for for tighter, more openly loving, families than yours. Thank you both for having us be a part of your celebration to document it for you. We couldn’t be happier for you both!


Welcome back to the third and final installment of our inspiration shoot. For this last shoot we all got up at 5am (earlier for Jamie and her crew) to prepare everything, just for you :). It was a good idea we did though, as even at that early hour it was still quite warm and humid–a very typical Virginia summer. But everyone, especially our lovely talent, handled it with aplomb.

Everything turned out beautifully, and today we’re highlighting the happy couple’s intimate reception held in the hidden-gem-of-a-garden at the gorgeous Clifton Inn. If you haven’t already seen them, be sure to check out the proposal, and the engagement party. Oh, and the awesome feature on What Junebug Loves!

Once again, our sincere thanks to the fab team for donating their time, talent, and goods to make this everything it could be. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Venue: Clifton Inn
Event Design: Simply Chic Events
Floral Design: Pat’s Floral Designs
Make-Up: Lora Elaine Kelley
Hair: Jennifer with Elan
Stationary: Rock Paper Scissors
Wedding Cake: Mahlia’s Creations
Signage and Calligraphy: Nichole Creative
Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza
Groom’s Apparel: J. Crew

Love the guests names written on mirrored end tables!

Love the ombre!

Whoo-hoo! And the happy couple rides off into the sunset. Or to lunch. Either way, they’re doing it in style thanks to our ’85 Baby Benz making its debut appearance. 🙂

It was worth all the sleep deprivation (yawn), mosquito bites (ouch), blood (damn mosquitos), sweat (lots of it) and tears (happy ones to be sure) –  we are so incredibly psyched about how fun this shoot was with everyone and feel so lucky and honored to have been a part of it all. Above all, we want to thank to the fabulous ladies of Simply Chic Events – Jamie, Jessica, Kate & Claire – it was ultimately your dream and inspiration and we can’t thank you enough for including us as collaborators on your shoot and trusting us to capture your vision. So when can we do it all again? Ha! ;-D

With Great Joy,

Welcome back happy people! Did you get to check out the first part of our inspired shoot, a picnic proposal yesterday? Today we’re sharing the happy couple’s engagement party, hosted by Maya & Josh, who have gotten some press here of late, celebrating their anniversary, a Junebug feature, and of course their own wedding! We found Clifton Inn’s Colina Farm house to be the perfect setting for the festivities that evening.

We can’t thank our incredible vendors enough for all their hard work!

Venue: Clifton Inn
Event Design: Simply Chic Events
Floral Design: Pat’s Floral Designs
Make-Up: Lora Elaine Kelley
Hair: Jennifer with Elan
Stationary: Rock Paper Scissors
Wedding Cake: Mahlia’s Creations
Signage and Calligraphy: Nichole Creative
Bride & Groom’s Apparel: J. Crew

The perfect POP!

While the ladies gush over the ring….

the boys enjoy cigars on the front porch at twilight.

Oh, what’s that…you want more? Well, we certainly don’t want to disappoint you then. Come back tomorrow for the intimate and sweet garden reception full of gorgeous details. You won’t want to miss their getaway in a certain classic car, too!

We knew when we did an inspiration  shoot we wanted to do something different, something more than just pretty pictures of pretty things and pretty people. When we spoke with our friend and fellow wedding pro Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events, we all conceived of something with a real couple, doing things that real people would do, keeping it as relatable as possible. Since we love us some great moments, we knew we wanted to involve some of our favorite past clients.

So we called up our dear friends Eric and Lora Kelley, whose wedding we shot back in 2008, and who were eager to return to the site of their wedding and serve as our primary models for this three part shoot. We did it over two admittedly sultry days at picturesque Clifton Inn here in Charlottesville. It was important for us to create a team of professionals who regularly provide the highest-quality work for their clients, and since our little ‘burb is often a destination for weddings, we thought how nice it would be to highlight some of these wonderfully talented and hard-working pros?

We’re so grateful to all the dedication everyone put in to it, for Brigitte and the entire Clifton staff for their hospitality, and especially for the inspiration and good old-fashioned hard work that Jamie and her team, including Jessica, Kate, and Claire brought to the shoot. The Simply Chic Events team wanted to show how you can take something you love (in this case, the modern and very current chevron pattern) and seamlessly weave it into not only your wedding day, but all your big events leading up to the big day.

We were all thrilled to see the shoot featured on the What Junebug Loves wedding blog yesterday and thought we’d share some more of our favorites from the shoot this week. First up, of course, a sweet picnic proposal!

If you’re planning a wedding in Charlottesville, we can’t recommend the following talented wedding professionals highly enough.

Venue: Clifton Inn
Event Design: Simply Chic Events
Floral Design: Pat’s Floral Designs
Make-Up: Lora Elaine Kelley
Hair: Jennifer with Elan
Stationary: Rock Paper Scissors
Wedding Cake: Mahlia’s Creations
Signage and Calligraphy: Nichole Creative
Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza
Groom’s Apparel: J. Crew

The shoots encompassed three parts, shot in order, starting with a proposal from Eric to Lora. After you look through all this gorgeousness, check in tomorrow for the couple’s happy engagement party (with a surprise appearance from another of our past clients). Enjoy!

Join us tomorrow when we have the Engagement Party for you!


We’re so lucky. Truly. We’ve kept in touch with Maya and Josh, whose wedding we documented a year ago and have loved hearing of all of their new adventures in life. They even came down to our little ‘burb to assist with an inspired two-day shoot which we’ll be sharing with you tomorrow. We had so much fun. But that’s tomorrow. Today, we celebrate M&J! So lift the glasses of champagne (or a mimosa depending on what time you’re reading this), everyone, to this fab couple.

Maya sent an email recently with some of their absolute faves as Josh was grabbing her to take her away for a surprise getaway. Guess we’re not the only lucky ones.

Marriage is wonderful! We are so very lucky and grateful to have each other (Teddy, too!) We spent 2 weeks in Italy on our honeymoon and it was absolutely phenomenal. We are already planning on going back next summer! Life is good 🙂

Maya’s faves:

seeing my soon to be husband for the first time at our first look

karis and chet collins (the best 8 and 6 yr olds who sleepover and babysit Teddy, and who will someday babysit our own kids!)

Josh’s faves:

Their joint faves:

one of my (Maya)  favorite details of the wedding

(Editor’s note…see Emily the grinning maid-of-honor? We get to photograph her wedding next year. We can’t wait! And you may remember Tori, who is next to her. We love getting to see all these friends and celebrate with them all. Yup, pretty lucky. ;))

Did you already check out part 1 of Sara & Tony’s celebration? Well then, please carry on…

The Fab Team:
Venues: Trinity Episcopal Church and Greenville Country Club
Officiant: Rev. Patty Downing
Event Coordinator: Lora McFadden of Hardin Inc.
Florist: Flowers by Yuki
Catering: Greenville Country Club
Baker: Fun Party Cakes
Gown Designer: Vera Wang
Hair & Make-up: Fabrizio Salon
Photo Booth: Wilmington Photo Booth Company
Musicians: Charles St. Paul Band

And Sara’s Dad is the first one up!

Love this moment between Sara and her Dad with Tony and his Dad in the foreground.

Remember Megan from Taylor & Rob’s wedding? Yeah, she’s that cool. Loved partying with her again! Girl. Can. Dance!

Lots of people got airborne that evening…

Remember Megan from Taylor & Rob’s wedding and winner of the Whip My Hear Superlative contest last year? Yeah, she’s that cool. Loved partying with her again! Girl. Can. Dance!

Notice what Tony’s reaching for. Close one.

Sara’s dad didn’t hesitate to get up and sing along with the band.

Preparing for it…with air guitar accompaniment, of course.

And the full lift! He’s definitely a contender. We hear the Olympics are considering the Finger-free Bottle Lift for 2016. In Rio. How apropos.

Sara taking the safer (some may say smarter 😉 way down the stairs. Does look like Tony kinda had fun going his way, too, though.

What an incredible time. Congratulations again you two!

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