We’re delighted this morning to celebrate the first anniversary of our dear friends Erin & Bryan. We touched based with them recently to ask about their wedding and their experiences as a couple since, as well as to share with us some of their favorite images from their celebration. Enjoy!

Saturday morning blueberry pancakes with our bulldog, Sukie, crossing the finish line after running a half-marathon together, flipping through wedding photos late at night,  fitting into each other perfectly, driving to Harris Teeter at 1 AM just to get eggs so that we could satisfy our toll-house cookie craving,  snorkeling through the baths in The British Virgin Islands, laughing about our idiosyncrasies, biting into a cupcake on the street corner in NYC, roaming the streets of Beacon Hill, dancing to bluegrass music in Asheville, playing frisbee in the park on Sunday afternoons, starting our book collection, figuring out “our” side of the bed, discovering bacon lollipops at Founding Farmers in DC,  watching Sukie take her first steps in the ocean at St. Simons Island, and knowing that we’ll wake up next to each other in 70 years…still in love, still learning about each other, and still as excited about the future together as we are today.

Here are some of their favorite images:

Erin: This was the first time that I was walking into the Veritas on the wedding day & I was able to see everything all together.  My mom strung all those origami cranes by hand, and it took her forever!  I couldn’t believe how amazing everything looked. I loved how you captured my reaction – I was in awe.

Erin: I love this photo of my grandmother.  My grandmother is French and always gives me the best advice on marriage.  She once told me that when you’re married, the most important thing is to never take one another for granted…I remember that everyday. (erin)

Bryan: This guy was one of our football teammates and was always the life of the party. This is one of his standard moves at each wedding. We always said that if anyone of us had one million dollars, we’d pay him an annual salary to hang out with us.

Both: This photo is our all-time favorite.  I remember Bryan just whispered in my ear, “forever, babe…just me and you.” We were completely lost in this moment. (It’s one of our all-time favorites too!)