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We’re happy this morning sharing some select images from A&D’s recent wedding in Washington, DC. This sophisticated, private couple endured a bracing wind, plunging temperatures, cold rain and a last minute venue change on their wedding day thanks to the earthquake! But there were no worries, and as you can see, there were abundant smiles that day. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! We have a special surprise coming for you next week that we. cannot. wait. to. share!

Congratulations, A&D! We wish you nothing but smooth sailing ahead.

We’re thrilled today to celebrate the first anniversary of Alisa & Brian. They headed back to Veritas to celebrate their first year of wedded bliss so we were able to get together for lunch on Friday to catch up a bit and of course to chat some about their wedding. Here’s what they had to say:

My favorite pics capture the beauty of that day. From the time I walked down the aisle, arm in arm with my amazing parents to the time Brian and I walked back up, hand in hand, married, underneath the pink sunset that I had always dreamed about (and i think sent especially for us by my Oma). It was an incredible ceremony and incredible moment.

Brian’s favorites represent 2 very important parts of the day that he will never forget. That moment of seeing each other for the {first} time overlooking those stunning blue ridge mountains(Thanks Anne for the BEST idea EVER!) and seeing our hand made huppah for the first time. They were the crux of that fabulous day.

From them both:
We think the vineyard shot really captures our wedding and all that we what we hoped and dreamed of and more. It’s exactly what we envisioned. Gorgeous fall in the blue ridge mountains surrounded by vineyard – how can you get any better than that??? That is our happy place. We also both love the image of Brian’s head in the forground, waiting for me walking towards him. Both looking straight ahead at each other.

Finally, I think the last picture of us in our “surprise” getaway car, captures the fun we had during that unbelievable party! I couldn’t believe it was over, but I remember that being a pretty awesome way to say goodnight to our friends and family!

Update on our life: “From Honeymoon to Babymoon”
It’s been an eventful year to say the least. We’ve grown together in supporting one another through hard times and now through the best and most exciting time of all: awaiting the arrival of our son, due in January. We are beyond thrilled and cant believe how how blessed we’ve been in one short year. We will never take that for granted! Attached is a picture of us on our “babymoon” in Key West.

Oh, and of course we couldn’t get away without taking a shot with our phone of the happy couple:

It was so great seeing you again last week, you two and we can’t wait to meet your baby boy soon! Congratulations!

It’s Hump Day! And a rare Wednesday that we have a wedding for you. Gotta switch it up every once in a while, you know – keep you on your toes. Or maybe keep us on our toes. Who knows? We’ll never tell. 😉 Today we’re celebrating the fabulously fun wedding of Adrienne & Mike. Mike was a groomsman in Jenn & Paul’s wedding last year, and Paul was a groomsman in Lee and Jennifer’s wedding back in 2007. It’s been so fun hanging out and getting to see the gang over the years. It’s always a blast and we’re so happy we’ve gotten to be a part of all of their wedding days. Thanks so much you guys and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

The FAB team:

Venues: Holy Trinity Church and the Westin Georgetown
Baker: Kendall’s Cakes
Florist: Fifi Flower
DJ: Anthony Simpson of MyDeeJay
Gown: Priscilla of Boston
Hair: Rebecca Deavigne
Officiant: Fr. Stephen McNally

Gap between the end of the ceremony to the start of the reception = lots of time for some fun & great portraits around Georgetown!

Love, love, love this shot of Mike and his groomsmen!

Adrienne had the sweetest cheshire cat smile.

LOVE these two! They know how to make an entrance.

Her dad’s toast was hi-larious. You’ll just have to trust us. 🙂

Jenni & Lee

Jenn & Paul

LOVE this shot Anne grabbed from outside!

Yea, their friends knew how to get their party on and Bill caught it!

People were raising their hands in the air a lot. It’s as if they just didn’t care.

Even the little ones in attendance didn’t know what to think about it all.

Okay, so maybe this little guy didn’t really care.

You really haven’t lost that lovin’ feeling, Adrienne. For reals.

Dear a&m,

As we were thinking about this letter to you, we considered your father’s opening welcome to your guests: “We had such high hopes for Adrienne.” We were at first, admittedly, a little taken aback by that opening line, but soon we were having a hard time keeping our cameras steady while capturing your laughter and the reactions of your guests beyond our own laughing. What followed encapsulated your personalities and the mood you had set for the day’s festivities to a tee. Given the sweet history we’ve had with you and several of your friends over the years, we truly felt like part of the family.

As we returned home the next day, we contemplated the things we were most grateful for during your wedding. Among them:

  • You are such a fun, irreverent, off-beat couple, and you made the day all your own. From your slideshow during cocktails to your entrance into the ballroom – everyone there felt your personalities throughout the day. And Adrienne, you enthusiastically completed the extensive bourbon list at one of your local bars to get your name on the wall. So. Cool. That’s our definition of fame right there.
  • Your priest opening his homily, speaking in Polish, after receiving correspondence from you asking him to add “some polish”, hahaha!
  • That your wedding was the third among college friends/groomsmen whose celebrations we’ve shot, letting us connect once again with them.
  • That it was such a hit (and apparently continuing tradition) of Mike and your groomsmen, adorned in mirrored sunglasses, serenading Adrienne to “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling”.
  • And that you cared most of all about your guests’ enjoyment. Everything felt so warm, comfortable and real. That was very evident throughout the night and NO ONE wanted to leave that dance floor that night.
  • And, of course, we loved that you wanted to spend some time going around Georgetown for some cool portraits. It was so great getting to spend your first hours as husband and wife with you both capturing your laughter, love and light.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to truthfully document your Celebration (with a capital C) for you. We loved it all. Congratulations!

Peace & love…

Ok, so we really cannot wait until Ashleigh and Evan’s wedding next June! From the moment we received their first email to when we met up the first time a couple of months ago, we knew it was going to be a perfect match and we were delighted when they told us they wanted to do a Love Session with us this Fall. We started at a very special place to them both – where they met – the University of Virginia. We started out around Grounds ending up at one of their favorite haunts on the Corner, the Virginian – where they officially started dating. The staff was awesome and let us have the run of the place.

It was the perfect Fall day with that beautiful warm sunlight washing all over us. A&E (our fabulous couple, not the highbrow TV channel) are absolutely perfect for each other – it’s obvious that they not only love each other, but that they truly like and respect each other. They are one of those “annoying” couples who finish each others sentences, but they are such kind-hearted, genuine warm souls, you can’t help, but be inspired by them – how they live, laugh and love.  We had an absolute blast and are so excited to share some of our faves from the day with you.

Want more? Check out the entire portrait gallery. The password is Ashleigh’s last name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!

The garden where Evan proposed to Ashleigh a few short months ago.

This is their trademark blue steel look.

Congratulations again, you two!! We look forward to sharing a beer over great conversation with you again soon!