We’re thrilled today to celebrate the first anniversary of Alisa & Brian. They headed back to Veritas to celebrate their first year of wedded bliss so we were able to get together for lunch on Friday to catch up a bit and of course to chat some about their wedding. Here’s what they had to say:

My favorite pics capture the beauty of that day. From the time I walked down the aisle, arm in arm with my amazing parents to the time Brian and I walked back up, hand in hand, married, underneath the pink sunset that I had always dreamed about (and i think sent especially for us by my Oma). It was an incredible ceremony and incredible moment.

Brian’s favorites represent 2 very important parts of the day that he will never forget. That moment of seeing each other for the {first} time overlooking those stunning blue ridge mountains(Thanks Anne for the BEST idea EVER!) and seeing our hand made huppah for the first time. They were the crux of that fabulous day.

From them both:
We think the vineyard shot really captures our wedding and all that we what we hoped and dreamed of and more. It’s exactly what we envisioned. Gorgeous fall in the blue ridge mountains surrounded by vineyard – how can you get any better than that??? That is our happy place. We also both love the image of Brian’s head in the forground, waiting for me walking towards him. Both looking straight ahead at each other.

Finally, I think the last picture of us in our “surprise” getaway car, captures the fun we had during that unbelievable party! I couldn’t believe it was over, but I remember that being a pretty awesome way to say goodnight to our friends and family!

Update on our life: “From Honeymoon to Babymoon”
It’s been an eventful year to say the least. We’ve grown together in supporting one another through hard times and now through the best and most exciting time of all: awaiting the arrival of our son, due in January. We are beyond thrilled and cant believe how how blessed we’ve been in one short year. We will never take that for granted! Attached is a picture of us on our “babymoon” in Key West.

Oh, and of course we couldn’t get away without taking a shot with our phone of the happy couple:

It was so great seeing you again last week, you two and we can’t wait to meet your baby boy soon! Congratulations!


Today we’re happily continuing our year-long series celebrating our clients’ first anniversaries. Today we are thrilled to hear from Jess and Jeff, who offered up a happy update (complete with pics of their new beagle pup, Murphy, named after the bar at which they enjoyed their first date). How cute is that?!

So we’ve put our heads together and what we both like are 


We like them because we think they reflect who we are and what our wedding was: quirky and fun!  We also love 

because it is so beautiful and shows us in our city.

For me personally, I love 

because you captured exactly what it was like to stand under the chuppah. It felt like a fairytale forest and it was a very intimate moment with just our family. We didn’t even feel like there was anyone else in the room!

I also love

of course, because I think it is amazing how you were able to capture Jeff’s emotion in this picture. It makes me cry every time!  Truly a work of art. (Editor’s note: Jess, it makes us tear up nearly every time we see it as well–we felt that moment along with you.)

And finally, I love

because it shows how much fun we were having and how happy we both were that night.  Jeff isn’t a huge fan of this picture – sorry honey! 🙂

Jeff’s favorites are 

because it captures how happy we were that day and 

because it captures the beauty of the chuppah and shows us the moment we were getting married.

As for our first year of marriage, it has been pretty blissful.  We are having so much fun traveling and celebrating milestones with our friends and family.  We have a new additon to the family, and no I’m not talking about Jeff’s new BMW M3. We have a dog!  We adopted a precious beagle (pictures attached) and named him Murphy after Murphy’s Irish Bar where we had our first date. He has certainly enriched our lives and given us a run for our money. We love him! I’ve also tried my hand at some of Jeff’s family recipes which have made our bellies very happy. And, I am starting a blog myself on food and entertaining – coming soon!

Congrats, you two!

We’re so lucky. Truly. We’ve kept in touch with Maya and Josh, whose wedding we documented a year ago and have loved hearing of all of their new adventures in life. They even came down to our little ‘burb to assist with an inspired two-day shoot which we’ll be sharing with you tomorrow. We had so much fun. But that’s tomorrow. Today, we celebrate M&J! So lift the glasses of champagne (or a mimosa depending on what time you’re reading this), everyone, to this fab couple.

Maya sent an email recently with some of their absolute faves as Josh was grabbing her to take her away for a surprise getaway. Guess we’re not the only lucky ones.

Marriage is wonderful! We are so very lucky and grateful to have each other (Teddy, too!) We spent 2 weeks in Italy on our honeymoon and it was absolutely phenomenal. We are already planning on going back next summer! Life is good 🙂

Maya’s faves:

seeing my soon to be husband for the first time at our first look

karis and chet collins (the best 8 and 6 yr olds who sleepover and babysit Teddy, and who will someday babysit our own kids!)

Josh’s faves:

Their joint faves:

one of my (Maya)  favorite details of the wedding

(Editor’s note…see Emily the grinning maid-of-honor? We get to photograph her wedding next year. We can’t wait! And you may remember Tori, who is next to her. We love getting to see all these friends and celebrate with them all. Yup, pretty lucky. ;))

Ten years ago this week was an eventful one for every American. It was doubly, or perhaps triply, so for us. While Monday, September 10, 2001 was just like any other day for many, it was also the day of Anne’s mom’s anticipated passing after a long battle with cancer. And of course with the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center buildings the next morning, we were thrust into an interesting predicament. Our wedding was scheduled for that next weekend, in New Orleans.

We decided, partly because the date, September 16, was Anne’s parents’ anniversary and thus important to us, and partly because we felt while it was important to acknowledge the loss of life, we should still, as the British might say, “Keep calm and carry on,” continue with our plans. (Anne’s Mom was adamant that we not move our wedding no matter what should happen with her health, but we still had a mini-ceremony at the end of August with close friends and family so she was able to see us get “married” (in quotes because we wanted our actually ceremony to still take place on the 16th.) Obviously the lack of available commercial airspace, individual and family concerns, and other 9/11-related issues kept about half of our loved ones from attending, and we ourselves had planned to fly from our home near Washington, DC. In order to make it to the courthouse in time to get the marriage license, however, we caravaned with our dear friends Scott (Bill’s Best Man) & Amy to the Crescent City. Anne’s maid of honor wasn’t able to make it so her brother Andy stepped in to be her “man of honor”.

You may have read about the wedding day in our  anniversary post from last year about the time we had our big blow-out celebration in Cabo. Yeah, we like to mix it up sometimes and have dessert first. 🙂 Who says you have to have the big celebration on an even-numbered year, right? We do have some personal- and work-related travel coming up in the next couple of months about which we’re super excited to share afterward, of course, so stay tuned.

While this time of year is always a bittersweet one for us, we’re grateful to have dedicated ourselves to each other and to our relationship. Its strength is something for which we don’t ever take for granted. Next year, as if we didn’t have enough anniversaries, will be our tenth year running Holland Photo Arts as well. So big celebrations all around. Thank you, our dear family, friends, colleagues and clients for your love and support all these years. It means the world to us.

So a toast to us and to Anne’s parents. They would have been celebrating 49 years today.

Instead of sharing one of  “our” weddings this Friday, we thought we’d share our wedding! Here are a few photos from our day, courtesy of our awesome photographer, Johnny Chauvin. Snapshots are courtesy of friends. You might be able to tell the difference. 😉

Friday night welcome dinner.

Rehearsal dinner on Saturday at NOLA. Best. Meal. EVER!

First sight! Yup, we did that, too…

So we could head out before the ceremony to do some fun portraits around the French Quarter.

This sweet clown decided Anne needed a more appropriate ring and bouquet!

Cafe Du Monde! PSA – don’t eat powdered sugar covered beignets in a dark suit. You’re welcome. 😉

So much fun walking around the Quarter and getting to see smiles on people’s faces for the first time in too many days.

Our afternoon ceremony in the courtyard of the St. Louis Hotel. We were married at half past 2, same time Anne’s parents were.

Johnny caught Anne’s reaction when the minister asked if she would take Bill as her wife!

Our favorite photo from the day. Just Married!

Anne’s parents on their wedding day – September 16, 1962.

We didn’t have many details (the horror! ;)), but the ones we did have were almost all DIY. Anne painted several birdhouses that represented places we had been together and loved. El Convento hotel in Old San Juan is where we got engaged.

Adore this shot of Bill dancing with his late Mom and so happy she could be there with us that day.

Anne’s brother Andy and his now-wife, Jennifer!. They’ll be celebrating their own 10 year wedding anniversary next year!

Grand exit to bubbles!

Pretty sure you can’t get married in The Big Easy and not do a carriage ride around the Quarter! It was like our own personal parade that day. So cool.

Later that night we met up with the “young folk” for BBQ. Yup, eating BBQ in a tiara. And that is just one of the  reasons why B loves A.

Wow, did we really ever look that young? ;-D

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you back here next week when we’ll have a another “real” wedding with you! Real, in quotes, because really, do people have fake weddings?! Oh, wait. Guess we did just that in August 2001. Ha!

Peace & Love,

Congratulations to Sarah & Ori, recently celebrating their first anniversary! They married at King Family Vineyard on a bright and warm fall day, and we just recently had a chance to catch up with them to see how they’re lovin’ it.

Celebrated the big one year anniversary at the Homestead and got some good pics out of it. Virginia is such a great place to have been married, because it is one of our favorite places to go each summer…even in the rain!  We are both currently living in DC and love exploring the food culture here.  Still not New York, although everyone likes comparing the two.  And to preemptively answer your and everyone else’s question: No children yet!

And of course they offered their fave images from the day. Sarah’s favorites:

This photo beautifully captures the calm before the storm.  The moment was full of anticipation and excitement but was balanced with the comfort and calm of good friends.


Toasting with family and friends symbolizes the joy of the day.

Ori’s favorites:

This scene is so fun and meaningful.  All of our best friends (and a horse) together in the countryside where we wanted to celebrate the big day. 



This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Sarah.  Even though you can’t see our faces, our body language sums up our love.  Ori is clearly talking and excited, while Sarah is delicate and graceful.  And the lighting is absolutely perfect.

Their joint favorites:

These shots summarize the entire day.  All the people that are important in our lives are grouped together in one tiny spot on earth under an expansive sky, bright sun, and perfect weather.

Congratulations, you two, and thanks for sharing!

Hey everyone, we hope the effects of Irene didn’t affect you too much, and that you otherwise had a good weekend. We’re so thankful that all our family and friends are safe and sound (albeit minus some trees) and that our “hurricane wedding” this weekend was more just a rainy (albeit a bit windy) one.

We’re also happy today to celebrate the union of Amy & Andy, who married in Williamsburg a year ago this weekend. We touched base with them recently to ask about their first year as a married couple and to find out some of their favorite images and moments from the wedding. This is what they had to say. We thought the first part in particular about having different favorites at different times was really interesting and cool. We hadn’t heard that before, but it makes perfect sense. Enjoy!

For our favorites – this was really hard!  We had our favorites a year ago, and then new favorites about 6 months ago, and now we’re slowly realizing that we have new favorites.

From Andy:

What more could you want in a photograph?  Groomsmen, my brother holding the bridal bouquet, and my new wife of an hour holding a 40.

I’ve never seen a picture of Amy like that before.  It’s like stealing a moment when nobody’s looking, the way that only I get to see her. 

From Amy:

I don’t think I ever noticed this photo before, and now that I’m looking back through at the expressions on our faces and the order in which this photo was taken, I’m pretty sure this was the moment that we were realizing it was a done deal.  

This photo to me is perfection.  I know pictures from the church alcove are so common that they’re often ignored, but there are several important reasons why I love this picture. 1. Williamsburg Presbyterian Church is an extremely beautiful church. 2. I can see all of our amazing friends and family who so lovingly came to celebrate the day with us. 3. I can still feel butterflies in my stomach when I think about how I felt walking up the aisle with my Dad and seeing Andy at the end, along with my mom and Andy’s parents, and all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen.  It was the best moment.

From both of us:

We have this picture framed over our mantle, thanks to a wedding gift we received for a canvas wrap.  We were outside taking these pictures, and everyone slowly followed.  We were supposed to start speeches and the DJ was annoyed that our timeline was thrown out the window, but it was such a fun time while everyone was enjoying the sunset and the beautiful view of the river.  

It’s just pretty, and we love it.  

Thanks for sharing, you two, and congratulations!

We hope you all had a great weekend! We’ve got some great stuff to share in coming weeks, but today we’d like to celebrate the anniversary of Cristina & Sid, whose wedding we documented a year ago at Oxon Hill Manor. We recently caught up with them to inquire about life and some of their favorite images from the day. Here’s what they had to share.

Sid’s favorites:

I love this picture of Cristina! It captures her so well – the sparkle in her eyes, her warmth and her joy. Her t-shirt also reminds me that she’s always young at heart!

I like this picture because it brings back so many wonderful memories from our wedding day – saying our vows in the beautiful garden by the manor, surrounded by our family and friends, as the rays of the setting sun washed over us.

Cristina’s favorites:

We took this picture before the ceremony. Our videographer suggested we try something new, and we literally jumped at it! I remember how excited we were in anticipation of the wedding events, and I love how this picture captured the movement.

This picture of me, my mother and my sister is a framing favorite in my family. I look at it and I remember that perfect moment in time, and how happy we were.

Their joint favorites:

This postcard-like picture is so beautiful and romantic. We loved how it captured our intimate moment, while the stairs backdrop add so much character.

We had so much fun thinking of decor ideas, and picturing bold colors in our wedding day. When we saw the dining room we felt overwhelmed, as it was more beautiful that we had imagined. The long table, the flowers, the candles and the lighting were so beautifully captured in this picture.

Congratulations, you two!

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