We’re happy this morning sharing some select images from A&D’s recent wedding in Washington, DC. This sophisticated, private couple endured a bracing wind, plunging temperatures, cold rain and a last minute venue change on their wedding day thanks to the earthquake! But there were no worries, and as you can see, there were abundant smiles that day. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! We have a special surprise coming for you next week that we. cannot. wait. to. share!

Congratulations, A&D! We wish you nothing but smooth sailing ahead.


It’s Hump Day! And a rare Wednesday that we have a wedding for you. Gotta switch it up every once in a while, you know – keep you on your toes. Or maybe keep us on our toes. Who knows? We’ll never tell. 😉 Today we’re celebrating the fabulously fun wedding of Adrienne & Mike. Mike was a groomsman in Jenn & Paul’s wedding last year, and Paul was a groomsman in Lee and Jennifer’s wedding back in 2007. It’s been so fun hanging out and getting to see the gang over the years. It’s always a blast and we’re so happy we’ve gotten to be a part of all of their wedding days. Thanks so much you guys and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

The FAB team:

Venues: Holy Trinity Church and the Westin Georgetown
Baker: Kendall’s Cakes
Florist: Fifi Flower
DJ: Anthony Simpson of MyDeeJay
Gown: Priscilla of Boston
Hair: Rebecca Deavigne
Officiant: Fr. Stephen McNally

Gap between the end of the ceremony to the start of the reception = lots of time for some fun & great portraits around Georgetown!

Love, love, love this shot of Mike and his groomsmen!

Adrienne had the sweetest cheshire cat smile.

LOVE these two! They know how to make an entrance.

Her dad’s toast was hi-larious. You’ll just have to trust us. 🙂

Jenni & Lee

Jenn & Paul

LOVE this shot Anne grabbed from outside!

Yea, their friends knew how to get their party on and Bill caught it!

People were raising their hands in the air a lot. It’s as if they just didn’t care.

Even the little ones in attendance didn’t know what to think about it all.

Okay, so maybe this little guy didn’t really care.

You really haven’t lost that lovin’ feeling, Adrienne. For reals.

Dear a&m,

As we were thinking about this letter to you, we considered your father’s opening welcome to your guests: “We had such high hopes for Adrienne.” We were at first, admittedly, a little taken aback by that opening line, but soon we were having a hard time keeping our cameras steady while capturing your laughter and the reactions of your guests beyond our own laughing. What followed encapsulated your personalities and the mood you had set for the day’s festivities to a tee. Given the sweet history we’ve had with you and several of your friends over the years, we truly felt like part of the family.

As we returned home the next day, we contemplated the things we were most grateful for during your wedding. Among them:

  • You are such a fun, irreverent, off-beat couple, and you made the day all your own. From your slideshow during cocktails to your entrance into the ballroom – everyone there felt your personalities throughout the day. And Adrienne, you enthusiastically completed the extensive bourbon list at one of your local bars to get your name on the wall. So. Cool. That’s our definition of fame right there.
  • Your priest opening his homily, speaking in Polish, after receiving correspondence from you asking him to add “some polish”, hahaha!
  • That your wedding was the third among college friends/groomsmen whose celebrations we’ve shot, letting us connect once again with them.
  • That it was such a hit (and apparently continuing tradition) of Mike and your groomsmen, adorned in mirrored sunglasses, serenading Adrienne to “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling”.
  • And that you cared most of all about your guests’ enjoyment. Everything felt so warm, comfortable and real. That was very evident throughout the night and NO ONE wanted to leave that dance floor that night.
  • And, of course, we loved that you wanted to spend some time going around Georgetown for some cool portraits. It was so great getting to spend your first hours as husband and wife with you both capturing your laughter, love and light.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to truthfully document your Celebration (with a capital C) for you. We loved it all. Congratulations!

Peace & love…

Happy, happy Friday one and all! We have a jam-packed weekend coming up with a wedding, meetings, & portrait sessions (including one at sunrise) through Monday, so if you don’t hear from us right away, we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can. We’ll also be taking a moment to pause and reflect on the tragic events ten years ago and keep all the men and women in uniform deployed in foreign lands in our thoughts and prayers. We hope that you’ll take a moment to do the same and that we’ll all be safe and sound.

When you’re ready for more, you can view their complete image gallery here, and of course there’s always the SnapHappy photo booth images here. The password is Diana’s maiden name for both.

Today we’re absolutely thrilled to share Diana & Carlos’s incredibly fun wedding with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did photographing it!

The Fab Team:
Venues: Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown University and National Museum for Women in the Arts
Florist: Petal’s Edge
Catering: Susan Gage Catering
Baker: Cake Panache
Make-up: Kim Giammaria
Hair: Christy Robinson
Lighting: John Farr Lighting
DJ: Aaron with Chris Laich Music

Diana’s sister surprised her with a beautiful hand-painted watercolor map of DC & their venues.

Carlos and all the groomsmen received professional shaves that morning at the Grooming Lounge. It’s so smooth you don’t need to shave for 2-3 days afterward. Nice.

Diana’s brother-in-law guards his Mexican wrestling mask (all the groomsmen had one) while awaiting the bus to take everyone to Dahlgren Chapel.

Carlos cleans his glasses to ensure his first sight with Diana is crystal clear. We’ve not seen a groom with such single-minded dedication at this moment. We love it, but he needn’t have worried – you could see that smile from a mile away.

Interesting portraits can be made anywhere, including hotel lobbies while waiting for the bus. Bill’s shot …

and Anne’s shot (always mistress of the reflection)!

The bicyclist on the left is not as enthralled with our commandeering of the bicycle lane down Pennsylvania Avenue.

The “wave house” in Georgetown, where d&c met.

We continued the portrait fun around Georgetown University’s campus. We absolutely love these stairs!

Yup, Carlos, it’s starting to rain again. Time to go!

But that doesn’t mean the photographer can’t get wet! 😉

And….the sun is back out! Gotta love those crazy August storms.

Carlos’s brother, coincidentally a talented mariachi musician, serenades all the guests on the museum’s mezzanine along with the rest of the ensemble during cocktail hour.

In a nod to Carlos’s heritage, all the groomsmen donned their Mexican wrestling masks for a portion of the reception and apparently reenacted moves from their favorite character.

Poor Carlos, about to be the victim of a body slam. Or maybe they’re just toying with him.

Gotta love when the photo booth props make an appearance on the dance floor!

Dear d&c,

We knew almost from the start when we first met you both, we wanted to be there to document your wedding for you. Not only were you planning such a fun party for all your nearest and dearest, but we were immediately struck by your genuine warmth. We loved that you were going to wear your twin sister’s wedding dress, Diana and that your German professor was traveling from Europe to officiate your ceremony. And who wouldn’t love a proposal on YouTube?!

Your wedding celebration was such a blast, and you were just so low-key and easy-going throughout the day, despite the weather changing every five minutes. We loved stopping by the “wave house” in Georgetown for some portraits with you both, given that’s where you had met for the first time, as creating portraits in places of emotional connection to clients are inevitably more compelling. And it was a cool coincidence that you ended up waiting for your wedding ceremony together in a room where you both had classes at Georgetown University.

Carlos, what a memorable, personal touch it was that your brother played along with a mariachi band during your cocktail hour. It was truly one of the most fun and energizing musical performances we’ve seen in a long time, but also incredibly touching and magical. What a great way to get your guests in the mood to party! And there was a special sweetness and humor, Diana, in the toast your twin sister gave that night, that really showed the tight bond between the two of you. We were so grateful to be there to document the entire celebration for you. Thank you so much!

Peace & love…

We hope everyone had a great weekend! Today we’re thrilled to be celebrating the first anniversary of Carly and Chris, married at Holy Rosary church and the Mandarin Oriental last July. We recently touched base with them to see what they’ve been up to during their first year of marriage, and to inquire about some of their favorite moments from the day. Here’s what they had to say.

It has been an exciting year for us. After a wonderful honeymoon in Tahiti and New Zealand, we moved to Boston. I have finished my first year of business school and Chris is enjoying his new job. We both wish we were heading back on another honeymoon to Tahiti and New Zealand this weekend, but instead we will be celebrating our anniversary in Boston with some close friends. We are so happy to have such wonderful pictures to look back at our wedding celebration. 

Carly’s favorites:

I love this picture at the church and still remember having everyone looking at me and my Dad, but it was the first time I got to see Chris. It was one of the most memorable parts of our wedding day for me. I also like the way the sun is shining behind me and you can really only see our figures in the doorway. I also loved the church and how it was completely full with all of our guests.

[The] other picture is one of the best of Chris and he looks so happy in this picture. Since he hates having his picture taken, it was definitely great to see him smile.

Chris’s favorite:

Chris likes this picture so much because it was when the party was about to begin and we could celebrate with all of our family and friends.

Their joint favorites:

The solo picture of me is one of the favorites for me and many family and friends. I love the way it captures the dress, shoes, hair, the whole look. I remember how hot it was on our wedding day and am so glad we went inside for some portraits out of the sun, although it was definitely still shining into the room. This picture of me will be framed in my parents house for many years.

We both like the picture of me walking through the cocktail reception. It has always been one of our favorites and captures the relaxed atmosphere of the cocktail reception, but I look like a bride on a mission (not surprising!). I still have no idea where I was headed when this picture was taken.

We both love the night time pictures outside the Mandarin and this is one of our favorites. We are so happy that we left the reception for a few minutes to have a couple of minutes alone during the whole celebration. I love having a couple of night time shots with the Capitol in the background.

Thank you Anne and Bill for shooting our wedding and capturing so many great moments and memories for us. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for sharing, you two, and enjoy your anniversary!

It turns out that in addition to being gorgeous, fun, loving people, our clients are multi-talented! As you’ve probably seen on newsstands (and from last Friday’s post), the latest and greatest issue of Washingtonian Bride and Groom has dropped. And as usual, it’s full of eye candy. So what other goodies can you expect to read inside? Why, how about a wonderfully-written, touching article on Liz’s wedding dress, which also happened to have been the same one her mother wore on her wedding day. This article is by itself worth the magazine’s price. Seriously.

Oh, and her bea-u-ti-ful bouquet and his dashing bout are by the immensely talented Shawn Cossette of Beehive Events!

You’ve probably already picked up a copy, and if not, you really,  really should, of the new issue of Washingtonian Bride and Groom magazine. We’re so happy to have not just one, but two of our fabulous couples featured in this gorgeous issue! Both Nikki and Josh, and Maya and Josh (wild coincidence, huh?) had such beautiful, whimsical and fun parties, how could they not be included? But, we’re so honored and thrilled to be able to contribute alongside some of the best in our local wedding industry.

Thanks so much to our couples for throwing such great celebrations, to their talented planners (ATrendy Wedding for Nikki and Josh, and Simply Chic Events for Maya & Josh), as well as their other incredible vendors who all came together to make the most perfect day for the happy couples and last, but certainly not least, to Jill and her team at Washingtonian for the inclusion. Congratulations to all of our friends and colleagues who were included and most importantly to m&j and n&j!! We love you guys!

Oh, and be sure to check out the blog next week as we highlight an article in the current issue that another one of our sweet brides penned!

Did you see part 1 of Kimya and Brian’s wedding from yesterday? Well, of course. It was Wednesday and you were checking out the blog, right? 😉 Seriously, if you haven’t, you’ll want to. Go on now, because we can’t wait to get started on part 2 of their celebration!

The FAB team:
Event planner: Jodi Moraru of Evoke DC
Venue & Catering: Omni Shoreham
Florist: Philippa Tarrant
Make-up Artist: Nour Kazoun
Hair styling: Remona Soeimani
Lighting: Atmosphere Lighting
Gown: Judd Waddell
Cake: Maggie Austin
Groom’s Cake & Cupcakes: Fancy Cakes by Leslie
Reception music: Source band
Video: Suburban Video
Sofreh: Sofreh Atelier
Photo Booth: SnapHappy Studio from Holland Photo Arts

There were four escort card tables aligned down the hallway leading to the ballroom, each one graduated in height.

Kimya and Brian react to seeing the ballroom and their cake reveal for the first time before their guests enter.

Um, yeah. You can see why. Wow. Wow. WOW!

Dessert? Yes, please!

Jodi and Susu, Kimya’s mom, enjoying a well-deserved hug.

The Omni team knows how to welcome guests! The wait staff were all standing at attention when the guests entered, waiting to pour. So impressive and such a nice touch. (Bill, former navy guy, has alerted me that this really is not standing “at attention”, but it was still cool.)

The wonderful toasts. We laughed….

…we cried. One of our favorite parts of the day is getting to hear your closest friends express their love for you.

And we laughed again. 🙂

We toasted. Ok, well maybe we didn’t really toast, given that we had cameras in our hands, but we were there in spirit.

Almost looks like a Senate confirmation hearing with all the cameras snapping away. But, Congress doesn’t bring cake. They should really re-think that.

Monkey groom’s cake, as in their nickname for each other. So cute and we just love the banana peels!


Armed and dangerous, apparently.

Great props for the SnapHappy Studio

But they couldn’t stay away from the dance floor for too long!

What. A. Party. Thanks so much for including us, k&b. It was a blast!