Congratulations to Sarah & Ori, recently celebrating their first anniversary! They married at King Family Vineyard on a bright and warm fall day, and we just recently had a chance to catch up with them to see how they’re lovin’ it.

Celebrated the big one year anniversary at the Homestead and got some good pics out of it. Virginia is such a great place to have been married, because it is one of our favorite places to go each summer…even in the rain!  We are both currently living in DC and love exploring the food culture here.  Still not New York, although everyone likes comparing the two.  And to preemptively answer your and everyone else’s question: No children yet!

And of course they offered their fave images from the day. Sarah’s favorites:

This photo beautifully captures the calm before the storm.  The moment was full of anticipation and excitement but was balanced with the comfort and calm of good friends.


Toasting with family and friends symbolizes the joy of the day.

Ori’s favorites:

This scene is so fun and meaningful.  All of our best friends (and a horse) together in the countryside where we wanted to celebrate the big day. 



This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Sarah.  Even though you can’t see our faces, our body language sums up our love.  Ori is clearly talking and excited, while Sarah is delicate and graceful.  And the lighting is absolutely perfect.

Their joint favorites:

These shots summarize the entire day.  All the people that are important in our lives are grouped together in one tiny spot on earth under an expansive sky, bright sun, and perfect weather.

Congratulations, you two, and thanks for sharing!