Welcome back to our ongoing little renovation project. (No, this isn’t damage from the earthquake or Hurricane Irene, thankfully. We were sooooo lucky as many of our family in Boston and friends and Richmond, were not. We’re so glad they are all safe though and that is the most important thing.) Last week you got to see some before pics and this week we’re sharing some of the demolition. We totally wish we could have gotten more involved with this part! Seriously, who doesn’t want take a sledgehammer or sawzall to something every once in a while? Anne especially wanted to take one to that tile! Bill got a chance to do so while decommissioning a navy nuclear power plant back in the 90s. It was a blast!

We’re going to spare you the “get everything out of the rooms” shots, because honestly, we didn’t have time to pick up the camera to document that special hot mess. Once we got the word that Steve and his team were ready to go, we only had a few days to clean all of that “junk” out of those before pictures! Thankfully, we had really awesome luck on Craig’s List and didn’t have to make room for a bunch of furniture elsewhere in the house until we could sell or donate it. Whew.

We also have to give a HUGE shout out to Anne’s brother, Andy, who came down one weekend and helped us clean out the storage room so we could put most of the stuff that we were keeping in there. Thanks, bro! (And don’t worry, we bought him some yum yum Peter Chang’s for his trouble. Soooooo good!)

On to the destruction! (she said to the tune of “off with their heads”.) Yikes, maybe she really does need her sleep. πŸ˜‰

Steve hauls away some sad-looking carpet. We’re pretty sure it was the original carpet from when the house was built in ’98 and it was really needing to be replaced.

Ah, the support beam. Here it has lost its drywall covering and looks kinda of cool naked. What do you think? Keep au natural or swath in a wood to look more like a wood beam? Or maybe paint it?

Callie makes one of her last appearances in the room before the cat gate goes up. Maybe you can’t tell, but she is surely disappointed not to be able to explore more, but seriously, we don’t want the “curiosity killed the cat” saying to be true!

Bye, bye tile!! Whoo-hoo!

Such a lovely site. Jeez, Anne, you really hated that tile, didn’t you? πŸ˜‰ Actually, no, it wasn’t too obnoxious, just totally did not fit in with the rest of the house. The gekko was kinda cute, though. He may just make a future appearance sometime, somewhere. You never know.

Dave cuts out the old bookshelf to make room for the new TV space.

We’re also getting a new door in the process, which separates upstairs from downstairs. This helps keep Callie and her claws away from the nice furniture upstairs (and soon to be downstairs!) when she’s not supervised. She’s gonna love it! Not.

Oh, and also so we can avoid this…

Yea, she’s a major fan of exploring and snuck in again! So maybe that wasn’t her last visit. This (hopefully) is.

And….time for a nap. More pics of the office to come soon, but it’s still a work in progress.

Whew, we’re just getting tired looking at all that work get done. πŸ˜‰ Hope to share more of “the during” next week and we’d love to hear your opinions on the beam!