We hope you all had a great weekend! We’ve got some great stuff to share in coming weeks, but today we’d like to celebrate the anniversary of Cristina & Sid, whose wedding we documented a year ago at Oxon Hill Manor. We recently caught up with them to inquire about life and some of their favorite images from the day. Here’s what they had to share.

Sid’s favorites:

I love this picture of Cristina! It captures her so well – the sparkle in her eyes, her warmth and her joy. Her t-shirt also reminds me that she’s always young at heart!

I like this picture because it brings back so many wonderful memories from our wedding day – saying our vows in the beautiful garden by the manor, surrounded by our family and friends, as the rays of the setting sun washed over us.

Cristina’s favorites:

We took this picture before the ceremony. Our videographer suggested we try something new, and we literally jumped at it! I remember how excited we were in anticipation of the wedding events, and I love how this picture captured the movement.

This picture of me, my mother and my sister is a framing favorite in my family. I look at it and I remember that perfect moment in time, and how happy we were.

Their joint favorites:

This postcard-like picture is so beautiful and romantic. We loved how it captured our intimate moment, while the stairs backdrop add so much character.

We had so much fun thinking of decor ideas, and picturing bold colors in our wedding day. When we saw the dining room we felt overwhelmed, as it was more beautiful that we had imagined. The long table, the flowers, the candles and the lighting were so beautifully captured in this picture.

Congratulations, you two!