June 2011

Did you see part 1 of Kimya and Brian’s wedding from yesterday? Well, of course. It was Wednesday and you were checking out the blog, right? ;) Seriously, if you haven’t, you’ll want to. Go on now, because we can’t wait to get started on part 2 of their celebration!

The FAB team:
Event planner: Jodi Moraru of Evoke DC
Venue & Catering: Omni Shoreham
Florist: Philippa Tarrant
Make-up Artist: Nour Kazoun
Hair styling: Remona Soeimani
Lighting: Atmosphere Lighting
Gown: Judd Waddell
Cake: Maggie Austin
Groom’s Cake & Cupcakes: Fancy Cakes by Leslie
Reception music: Source band
Video: Suburban Video
Sofreh: Sofreh Atelier
Photo Booth: SnapHappy Studio from Holland Photo Arts

There were four escort card tables aligned down the hallway leading to the ballroom, each one graduated in height.

Kimya and Brian react to seeing the ballroom and their cake reveal for the first time before their guests enter.

Um, yeah. You can see why. Wow. Wow. WOW!

Dessert? Yes, please!

Jodi and Susu, Kimya’s mom, enjoying a well-deserved hug.

The Omni team knows how to welcome guests! The wait staff were all standing at attention when the guests entered, waiting to pour. So impressive and such a nice touch. (Bill, former navy guy, has alerted me that this really is not standing “at attention”, but it was still cool.)

The wonderful toasts. We laughed….

…we cried. One of our favorite parts of the day is getting to hear your closest friends express their love for you.

And we laughed again. :)

We toasted. Ok, well maybe we didn’t really toast, given that we had cameras in our hands, but we were there in spirit.

Almost looks like a Senate confirmation hearing with all the cameras snapping away. But, Congress doesn’t bring cake. They should really re-think that.

Monkey groom’s cake, as in their nickname for each other. So cute and we just love the banana peels!


Armed and dangerous, apparently.

Great props for the SnapHappy Studio

But they couldn’t stay away from the dance floor for too long!

What. A. Party. Thanks so much for including us, k&b. It was a blast!

Hey everybody! Today and tomorrow we’re sharing with you one of the most visually stunning weddings you’re likely to ever see. Just gorgeous, and what a fun couple! Kimya and Brian were so incredibly happy and…well, why don’t you see for yourself, then be sure to return tomorrow to see the exciting conclusion–a HUGE party! A special thanks goes out to our dear friends Andrea Hubbell for coming up from C’ville to third shoot and to Karen Papadales for her invaluable and tireless assistance throughout the day. See if you can spy a few of Andrea’s images sprinkled in here and there. She got some great ones! And wait until you see part 2, where you get to see more of the unmatched design talents of Jodi Moraru of Evoke DC and her amazing team of professionals. Just wow, Jodi. We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of k&b’s incredible event and hope you all enjoy their pics!

Want more? Check out the complete gallery of wedding images here. The password is Kimya’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. You can also see all the SnapHappy Studio photo booth images (same password).

Gorgeous with a capital G.

Brian’s cheeks must have hurt from smiling *all* day! See above photo if you’re wondering why. ;)

Cotton “flakes”?!?

As always, Philippa Tarrant brought her A-game!

Kimya & Brian had a combined Christian & Persian ceremony so the Sofreh Aghd was set up in front of the gazebo.

The Sofreh or wedding spread includes traditional items that all hold special significance to the Persian wedding ceremony, such as the Holy book and the honey that the couple dip their pinky fingers in and feed each other during the ceremony. Mahsa & Shahed of Sofreh Atelier did an amazing job with k&b’s setup.

Our future competition? ;)

Just adore this one. Our eyes just linger a little bit longer every time we see it. Such joy on your faces and everyone surrounding you.

It’s Summer. Typical response from a groom having a hard time getting the ring over that one last knuckle.

Dear k&b,

On a day that you two seemingly couldn’t stop smiling (and why would you? It’s your wedding day!) ;-), we so enjoyed watching you just take it all in. And there was just so much to take in. Your guests applauding as you and each of your wedding party come down the aisle (and that was for the processional!) really set the mood for the day. Even the cotton “flakes” drifting lazily through the air seemed to fit in with the dreamy afternoon during your participatory dual-faith ceremony. We almost had to pinch ourselves – was this all real? The answer was a resounding yes and then some.

Little did we know there was even more yummy goodness to come. We can just imagine the feeling your guests had when they entered the ballroom foyer, bathed in a purple glow with warm candles. We’re pretty sure their jaws dropped just a little bit then when they entered the transformed (literally) ballroom. We know ours did! The tufted bars on a riser on the right, the engaging band playing on the left, the enormous, patterned dance floor set on the diagonal in front of them…and then curiously, soft draping on the back wall. Hmmm…what could that be, they wondered? How fun to keep them in suspense and give them such a fun surprise. We loved it!

Later on, amid some rock star-grade lighting, your guests were completely wowed when that the stage lights came up and that soft draping slowly opened revealing you both among not just your own delicately decorated wedding cake, but a fun and personalized groom’s cake, two croque en bouche’s, AND two tiered tables full of cupcakes. Kimya, the way you took aim at Brian’s mouth while feeding each other cake was so funny! Should we blame it on the sugar rush? ;)

Kimya, you, your Mom and Jodi made an incredible team in the the design, feel and execution of your day. Each and every detail was special and unique — from your french fry station during cocktails and the warm chocolate-chip cookie & cold milk cart,  to the rolling Scotch and dessert carts that joined people on the dance floor so they didn’t even have to leave their spot to enjoy some of the finer things in life. The two video screens by the bars showing slide shows of you both and your favorite family photos were a big hit and of course, as you saw yesterday, your guests let their freak flags fly in the SnapHappy Studio. So. Much. Fun!

Well, needless to say, everything was just incredible and we felt like little kids in a candy store with all there was for us to photograph. But, you know what the very best part of it all was? That we were present to witness and document your absolute love for each other. And not just your love, but your sincere “liking” of each other. (Is that word? Well, if not, it should be.) It was that easygoing joy that made a truly un-real setting feel real. Honestly, looking back, we were so surprised given all the gorgeous grandness of it all, how your warmth and utter joy managed to make the day actually feel very intimate.

It was such a pleasure being present and in the moment with you as you celebrated your wedding, Kimya & Brian. Thank you so much to you both and your loving families for including us. It’s one we won’t soon forget.

Oh, and congratulations!!!! :)


As a little sneak peek at some of the fun and shenanigans at Kimya & Brian’s recent wedding, we’re going to start off this week with some fave images from their SnapHappy Studio. Many people will bring various props, but Kimya thought it’d be fun to have a couple of white boards on which their friends could write witty sayings. And what do you know, they did! Come back tomorrow for part 1 of their wedding celebration! Oh, and if you’re a 2011 client, let us know early if you want this at your wedding – guests kinda seem to like it. ;-D

Kimya and Brian make an appearance late, late into the night, long after their friends have provided ample Facebook fodder.

Yeah, ok, time to call it a night. That’s a wrap, people!

We hope everyone had a great weekend! We shot a wonderful wedding at a gorgeous brand-new Charlottesville venue (look to the blog for more in coming weeks) and relaxed with friends and their sweet, little boy on Sunday. (Of course, we couldn’t resist taking a few shots of him, as well, which we can’t wait to share soon, too.) Today we’re happy to celebrate the anniversary of Hillary and Jeremy, who were married at Veritas Vineyards one year ago. We reached out to them recently about their first year of being husband and wife, and of course some of their favorite moments from the wedding. Here’s what they had to say.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. We were quite busy after the wedding… adopted a dog and bought a house within three months of being married! We love being “parents” to our dog, Barley, and learning the ins and outs of being first time homeowners. We’ll be going to the beach for a quick get-a-way to a bed and breakfast to celebrate our first anniversary- and of course have the top tier of our wedding cake!

Hillary’s faves:

A memorable moment for me with my Mom and Dad right before the ceremony… a moment I had been anxious about, but that turned out to be special.

Love how peaceful and still this picture is… and how sweet Jeremy’s face looks.

I love this picture! It’s timeless and takes me back to all the nerves, excitement, and anticipation I was feeling at that moment… 

Jeremy’s faves:

I love this because I can see the happiness in Hillary’s eyes and the giddiness in her smile. Her face is expressing what I’m feeling. 

It looks like a fairytale shot with me being happy seeing her so happy.

I just remember how emotional this moment was. Catherine expressing how great of a person Hillary is and me feeling lucky to be married to her.

Their joint faves:

Our first moment alone… the excitement and reality setting in of what had actually just happened. We were officially married. 

A great shot of “us”. Just genuinely happy to be together- and surrounded by our friends and family.

A cute shot- spur of the moment- hadn’t rehearsed that moment- both looking coyly at each other… ready to get the party started!

Happy anniversary, you two! Thanks so much for sharing – we *love* your favorites, too!


So we’re putting the finishing touches on our next recent wedding that we can’t wait to share with you, we’re thisclose, but it’s not quite ready yet (the Elves’ response to our tequila-featured incentive program hasn’t exactly been what we had hoped) so we’re going to take the opportunity to share another fun FAB Find with you!

And the crowd goes wild at the news. You are going wild aren’t you? Sure, of course you are!

Oh, and just in case you missed our last “really freakin’ cool” find, you can find it here. Trust us, it’s a good one if you haven’t yet discovered it.

This time (read: FAB Find) it’s personal. In a good way though – I really didn’t say it in a spooky serious voiceover kinda of way when I said it in my head. ;) We’re super excited to share this FAB Find with you because it’s from one of our former wedding couples!

Ideas (& People) We Love – Personalized & Reusable Wedding Favors

Loyal blog readers may remember Tessie & Matt, who married a few Winters ago at the-stunning-in-any-season Clifton Inn. Well, they also happen to own their own small business in Charleston, West Virgina–Wallace Metal Works. They do incredible custom-made wrought iron work for private homes, companies, and restaurants throughout West Virgina and have recently added hand-made metal ornaments to their offerings that can be engraved with a couple’s name and wedding date.

We got to see the ornaments first hand at Ali & Ken’s wedding last year where Tessie was her made of honor, returning the honor as Ali was Tessie’s MOH – we love to see that and love even more getting to photograph weddings of friends of friends! Tessie and Matt also made the favors for all the guests – metal ornaments in three varying leaf/flower shapes – Dogwood Blossom, Grape Leaf and Oak Leaf, which fit a&k’s leaf/tree theme from their invites and escort cards, perfectly. Not surprisingly, they proved very popular and we even saw a couple of guests that day making trades with their table mates to get the one they wanted!

Since they were so popular, Tessie and Matt have since added a few more leaf designs, too. You can now choose between those three, as well as Maple Leaf and Ginkgo Leaf. Oh, and if you chose not to invest in the ornaments for all your guests, wouldn’t they make great wedding party gifts?

Leaf theme wouldn’t work for your wedding? Well, you’re in luck. Tessie and Matt are true artists (he’s a blacksmith, she’s a jewelry designer turned welder/metalsmith) and are happy to make other types of ornaments for couples looking for something unique to them. Give them a call or send them an email with what you’re thinking and I bet you’ll be amazed at what they can design and create in metal!

The cost per ornament for hand-painted personalization on the back like Ali & Ken’s is $20 and $35 each for the one with hand stamped personalization – both of which appear on the back of the ornament.

What a great idea and such a sweet way for your guests to remember their wedding whether they hang it each year on their Christmas tree or display year round hanging from a sunny window sash, which is where our very own ornament resides. (Thanks, t&m!) Oh, and this Christmas they’ll be debuting a wrought iron dragonfly ornament (can’t wait to see that one!) and next year they’re planning a tea rose ornament.

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