June 2011

As a little sneak peek at some of the fun and shenanigans at Kimya & Brian’s recent wedding, we’re going to start off this week with some fave images from their SnapHappy Studio. Many people will bring various props, but Kimya thought it’d be fun to have a couple of white boards on which their friends could write witty sayings. And what do you know, they did! Come back tomorrow for part 1 of their wedding celebration! Oh, and if you’re a 2011 client, let us know early if you want this at your wedding – guests kinda seem to like it. ;-D

Kimya and Brian make an appearance late, late into the night, long after their friends have provided ample Facebook fodder.

Yeah, ok, time to call it a night. That’s a wrap, people!


We hope everyone had a great weekend! We shot a wonderful wedding at a gorgeous brand-new Charlottesville venue (look to the blog for more in coming weeks) and relaxed with friends and their sweet, little boy on Sunday. (Of course, we couldn’t resist taking a few shots of him, as well, which we can’t wait to share soon, too.) Today we’re happy to celebrate the anniversary of Hillary and Jeremy, who were married at Veritas Vineyards one year ago. We reached out to them recently about their first year of being husband and wife, and of course some of their favorite moments from the wedding. Here’s what they had to say.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. We were quite busy after the wedding… adopted a dog and bought a house within three months of being married! We love being “parents” to our dog, Barley, and learning the ins and outs of being first time homeowners. We’ll be going to the beach for a quick get-a-way to a bed and breakfast to celebrate our first anniversary- and of course have the top tier of our wedding cake!

Hillary’s faves:

A memorable moment for me with my Mom and Dad right before the ceremony… a moment I had been anxious about, but that turned out to be special.

Love how peaceful and still this picture is… and how sweet Jeremy’s face looks.

I love this picture! It’s timeless and takes me back to all the nerves, excitement, and anticipation I was feeling at that moment… 

Jeremy’s faves:

I love this because I can see the happiness in Hillary’s eyes and the giddiness in her smile. Her face is expressing what I’m feeling. 

It looks like a fairytale shot with me being happy seeing her so happy.

I just remember how emotional this moment was. Catherine expressing how great of a person Hillary is and me feeling lucky to be married to her.

Their joint faves:

Our first moment alone… the excitement and reality setting in of what had actually just happened. We were officially married. 

A great shot of “us”. Just genuinely happy to be together- and surrounded by our friends and family.

A cute shot- spur of the moment- hadn’t rehearsed that moment- both looking coyly at each other… ready to get the party started!

Happy anniversary, you two! Thanks so much for sharing – we *love* your favorites, too!


So we’re putting the finishing touches on our next recent wedding that we can’t wait to share with you, we’re thisclose, but it’s not quite ready yet (the Elves’ response to our tequila-featured incentive program hasn’t exactly been what we had hoped) so we’re going to take the opportunity to share another fun FAB Find with you!

And the crowd goes wild at the news. You are going wild aren’t you? Sure, of course you are!

Oh, and just in case you missed our last “really freakin’ cool” find, you can find it here. Trust us, it’s a good one if you haven’t yet discovered it.

This time (read: FAB Find) it’s personal. In a good way though – I really didn’t say it in a spooky serious voiceover kinda of way when I said it in my head. 😉 We’re super excited to share this FAB Find with you because it’s from one of our former wedding couples!

Ideas (& People) We Love – Personalized & Reusable Wedding Favors

Loyal blog readers may remember Tessie & Matt, who married a few Winters ago at the-stunning-in-any-season Clifton Inn. Well, they also happen to own their own small business in Charleston, West Virgina–Wallace Metal Works. They do incredible custom-made wrought iron work for private homes, companies, and restaurants throughout West Virgina and have recently added hand-made metal ornaments to their offerings that can be engraved with a couple’s name and wedding date.

We got to see the ornaments first hand at Ali & Ken’s wedding last year where Tessie was her made of honor, returning the honor as Ali was Tessie’s MOH – we love to see that and love even more getting to photograph weddings of friends of friends! Tessie and Matt also made the favors for all the guests – metal ornaments in three varying leaf/flower shapes – Dogwood Blossom, Grape Leaf and Oak Leaf, which fit a&k’s leaf/tree theme from their invites and escort cards, perfectly. Not surprisingly, they proved very popular and we even saw a couple of guests that day making trades with their table mates to get the one they wanted!

Since they were so popular, Tessie and Matt have since added a few more leaf designs, too. You can now choose between those three, as well as Maple Leaf and Ginkgo Leaf. Oh, and if you chose not to invest in the ornaments for all your guests, wouldn’t they make great wedding party gifts?

Leaf theme wouldn’t work for your wedding? Well, you’re in luck. Tessie and Matt are true artists (he’s a blacksmith, she’s a jewelry designer turned welder/metalsmith) and are happy to make other types of ornaments for couples looking for something unique to them. Give them a call or send them an email with what you’re thinking and I bet you’ll be amazed at what they can design and create in metal!

The cost per ornament for hand-painted personalization on the back like Ali & Ken’s is $20 and $35 each for the one with hand stamped personalization – both of which appear on the back of the ornament.

What a great idea and such a sweet way for your guests to remember their wedding whether they hang it each year on their Christmas tree or display year round hanging from a sunny window sash, which is where our very own ornament resides. (Thanks, t&m!) Oh, and this Christmas they’ll be debuting a wrought iron dragonfly ornament (can’t wait to see that one!) and next year they’re planning a tea rose ornament.

We’re solely cat people partly out of practicality. We travel for weddings so much it’s hard taking good proper care of a dog. So we live vicariously through our clients and friends who have these furry friends as part of their lives. On occasion, a client will bring along their happy-go-lucky pal with them for a portrait shoot. That’s exactly what Shannon and Dave, who are marrying this coming October, did with their dog oh-so-adorable bulldog Parker when we met up in Alexandria recently for their engagement portraits. It was so much fun wandering around town with them. Since Shannon is a huge (no, seriously…huge fan) of cupcakes and has “dragged Dave to a LOT of cupcake shops”) to stop by Lavender Moon for part of the shoot, but who knew they were closed on Mondays AND Tuesdays!?! So alas, no sugary morsels that day. But we still had a blast, and big props and major thanks to Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events for her invaluable assistance that afternoon and to Holly Chapple for the gorgeous straight-from-her-garden bouquet. Congratulations s&d!! We can’t wait for your wedding this Fall!

Want more? Of course you do. Here’s a link to the complete portrait session. The password is Shannon’s last name.

Yea, he just might be a natural!

Since cupcakes were a no-go that day, we still had to get something sweet. Pops to the rescue!

We hope you all had a great weekend! This sunny morning we’re delighted to share with you Sarah and Ori’s new contemporary matted album based on their Fall wedding at King Family Vineyards. Gorgeous!


They also picked up a couple of smaller copy albums with identical layouts for their parents.

If you haven’t already, please check out the first half of the day for Liz & Scott, then get ready to par-tay! (Yup, been a long week.) ;-D

The Fab Team:

Venue: Holy Comforter Church and Clifton Inn
Catering & Cake Artist: Clifton Inn
Planner: Easton Events
Floral design: Jack Lucky Floral Design
Band: Gentlemen and their Lady
Make-up: Lora Elaine Kelley
Hair Stylist: Lucas with Bella Hair Studio
Videography: Ian’s Creations
Gown: Oscar de la Renta
Bride’s Shoes: Valentino Couture
Stationary: Epitome Papers
Calligraphy: Crystal Kluge

Another idea we just love and so did their guests – little Liz & Scott facts where hidden under the menu cards on each table. We saw lots of people laughing and sharing theirs with their table and others!

Each champagne glass for the toasts had a hibiscus flower in it. Freaky cool!

Scott’s mom reacts to his toast.

Liz’s parents during Scott’s toast.

Scott’s family watchs his dance with his Mom.

Party time!

Poor guy’s shoe flew off with such force we don’t know if he ever found it. Great catch, Annie!

Some of the best advice we’ve ever heard given to a couple is to quietly go off, take a moment to step back and take it all in. We were thrilled to be able to capture that moment when Liz & Scott did just that.

Haha, check this out, then look at Scott’s reaction in the frame below.

Late night…


Congratulations again, Liz & Scott and thank you for inviting us in to share your day with you!

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