Happy Friday, everybody! Today, we get the pleasure of celebrating a recent wedding that coincidentally also happened on a Friday. Congratulations to Valerie and Jared!

First off – the FAB team that helped make this day a reality for this adorable couple:
Hair & Makeup: Elan
Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero
Venue & Catering: Veritas Vineyard & Winery
Floral Design: Pat’s Floral Designs
Baker: Cakes Unlimited
Officiant: Mike Teeter & Ellenann Mach

Ready for more? You can view the complete wedding gallery here. The password is Valerie’s maiden name.

We started out the morning at the Charlottesville City Courthouse, where a retired sheriff’s deputy performed their “official” wedding ceremony, lasting all of three minutes and beginning with the officiant telling Jared, “Repeat after me…’You’re probably right.'” Ha. Ha.

Back out to Veritas for the afternoon’s festivities and a ceremony for family and friends.

First sight!

There were other frames as part of the sequence below we’re not showing. Let’s just say the hound felt free to snoop around a bit.

Say it with us now. “Awww…..” The little girls loved Valerie’s veil.

Love the look Valerie is giving her dad.

Can you see why so many people get married at Veritas? Crazy beautiful.

Just married!

The favors were egg cups (Jared’s first Christmas gift to Valerie, along with Ritter Sport chocolate from Germany) filled with personalized M&M’s and the colors corresponded with which table you sat. So unique!

This might be the best mother-son dance shot we’ve gotten this year. Love that joyous smile!

How cool is this? Instead of a traditional guest book, they took a photo of themselves and had a puzzle made out of it. Their guests signed the back, and they’ll frame it in glass on both sides to enjoy one or the other as they see fit. 29 is an important number for them, as they were married on the 29th of the month, followed the next month by Valerie’s birthday on the 29th, and then of course Jared’s the month after that on yes, the 29th.

Dear v&j…

While the Twitterverse or whatever it’s called was agog over that Other Wedding happening across the pond, we were lucky enough to celebrate with the two of you and your families. One of the best things a client can do for their wedding is to simply be themselves, enjoying the day as they see fit – thus letting us capture you being you. Well, you did all that and more. It was such fun meeting you at the local courthouse the morning of your celebration to watch as you tied the knot in the state’s eyes (in your respective college tees!), then getting together later in the afternoon for your first sight out amid the vineyards overlooking Afton Mountain. The “watch” dogs were their own special kind of welcome committee for especially you, Valerie, as you both walked back up to the dirt path. It seems that white dresses serve as some sort of specialized canine magnets.

Kids always serve as lighthearted entertainment at weddings, and the little ones at yours were no exception. Your casual nature and joy on your wedding day made everyone (including us) feel calm, relaxed and above all, cherished and special. Your smiles were huge and your tears were real. We truly enjoyed documenting the tight bonds you have with your respective families, and the warm-hearted thoughts they had for you both made it clear how much you were loved. You literally lost yourselves in moments throughout the day and we absolutely love that we were able to be a part of it all. It was incredibly clear to all involved – this was meant to be.

Thank you, and congratulations! Here’s to 29 years together and beyond!