While the weekend, when we’re actually shooting, is the absolute best, favorite, part of our job, we still need a breather every once in a while. It’s especially nice when we get a chance to recharge our batteries and replenish those creative juices smack in the middle of our busy Spring season. So we took a short break earlier this month for a quick weekend trip to Bermuda and the Newstead Belmont (oh yes, we’d stay again). Plus, it was Anne’s birthday and Bill decided she needed a good surprise and he *almost* got her this time!

We rarely lifted a camera, it was supposed to be a break after all, but we just couldn’t resist a few snaps to capture just a taste of Bermuda’s beauty. That “little pink houses for you and me” song went through our head more than once while we were there. We look forward to returning someday and exploring the little island more next time on scooters!

Here are a few select images. Enjoy!

Our bay-side inn had a reciprocal agreement with another resort on the ocean side for use of their private beach. It was perfect!

Taking the free ferry into the township of Hamilton for dinner.

What was left of Anne’s birthday dessert…

View from Hamilton back toward our inn.