Happy Friday everybody! We’re so excited this morning to share with you Annette and Binh’s lovely, intimate wedding celebration held in a rural and peaceful part of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. As an it’s-a-small-world twist,  Annette came to us via Caren, her former co-worker, in addition to learning a week prior to her wedding we also shot Amy’s wedding. DC really is a small town, eh?! Enjoy!

The FAB team:
Venues: St. Peter Claver Church and Woodlawn B&B
Florist: Ociana Group
Event Coordinator: Tara Gage
Catering: Susan Gage
Stationary: Written Word
DJ: Rich B

Ready to see more? Click here to view the complete gallery. The password is Annette’s maiden name.

First sight!

How cute are they? Seriously.

Such a sweet couple…

Time for the family-only ceremony at the church Annette’s grandmother was married in!

We loved this moment of Annette peeking through the church door’s windows to see Binh, awaiting her processional.


Back to beautiful Woodlawn!

Nothing says “sit back and relax” like a pair of flip flops. Or does it say “kick off those heels and get your groove on”?? Either way, it’s a wonderfully sweet touch.

Binh’s son had an easy and infectious laugh.

A little DJ in the making…

They also celebrated Annette’s grandmother’s birthday!

Dear a&b,

In our line of work, as you know, we get to see lots of beautiful couples come together and commit themselves to each other. Sometimes those celebrations involve a huge party for just about everyone (and their parents) know. Sometimes it’s just the couple alone saying their I Do’s and celebrating with a quiet dinner afterward. And then there’s your wedding. It was perfect. Perfect size. Perfect location. Perfect for the two of you.

We were so touched by your desire to get married in the same church your Grandmother did in St. Mary’s and we loved that you shared your wedding day with her and celebrated her upcoming birthday (complete with a cake!); that all the kids present spent the evening running around and playing ball, catch, you-name-it in the light of a guest’s car’s headlamps after the sun went down; that you started out your first dance in a traditional manor only to erupt half-way through into an energetic hip-hop dance;  and that more than anything else, you were just simply the two of you, being yourselves.

You included lots of thoughtful details (flip flops AND pashmina’s!) for your guests and it was clear that everyone had a wonderful time that evening. They actually got to talk to you for more than 10 minutes! And dance with you. Dancing into the night while enjoying lots of sweet treats – cake AND dessert bar! Annette, your Dad might have even gotten Anne out on the dance floor for a few minutes. She will neither confirm, nor deny. 😉 We, like your guests, were sorry when the evening came to an end.

Your wedding celebration was the perfect reflection of you both – fun & festive, intimate & sweet, casual & elegant, touching & joyous. It’s all we, as documentarians, could ask for. And we loved every minute. Thank you so much for having us out to celebrate with you and your family. Congratulations!!

…the other a&b 😉