Searching for the perfect way for your guests to share their thoughts and feelings in writing with you on your wedding day? Look no further than our new guest signing book. Filled with images from your engagement session, it has areas set aside with questions to help the creative juices flow. Your guests can answer whatever questions they like, or simply sign their names as they see fit. We can customize the colors to suit your own wedding’s theme as well. This new book also lays flat, which makes it easier for your guests to write in it. Interesting in having one for your wedding? Drop us a note and we’ll make it happen!

Here’s one from this past weekend’s wedding with Beth & Peter. It was a big hit among the guests, and we snuck peeks at some of the thoughts their friends and family were sharing in response to some of the questions. To one query, “What is best advice to getting along?” one person wrote, “Be a little deaf.” Hahaa, love it! Many responses were more long and thoughtful, while some were short and pithy. All in all, a great success.