One of the best things about living in our neighborhood is the annual Christmas tree bonfire, usually held the second or third weekend of January, after all the Christmas trees have gotten nice and dry. The pile of a few dozen trees usually starts out on December 26 with Greg’s, our mailman. It is often accompanied by one other tree for a few days, followed by a few more following New Year’s Day (including ours). Come the night of the bonfire, we have a huge stack of trees ready and waiting for the big event, but first…s’mores. Oh, and the fire department sometimes shows up for moral support. And let’s face it–it’s more interesting than hanging out in the station all night. We look forward to it all year and it’s so fun to watch our tree go up in smoke! (In a semi-controlled environment, that is! 😉 )

Getting started!

This was our tree! Well, one of the two on at the time. But ours produced the most fire, natch.

We have a great group of guys who, every year, collect trees from around the neighborhood in the backs of their pickups to take them to the beach, then coordinate placing them individually on the bonfire. They’re awesome.

Some trees are still pretty moist and smoke massively.

Broken-up ice on the lake’s surface refracting the light from the bonfire.