After a wonderful holiday break, we’re happy to be finally sharing our next-to-last wedding of 2010 with Jenn & Paul and their celebration this past month. (One more to come very soon!) We hope you enjoy it and feel free to share some love with them in the comments. Oh, and look to this space soon for some Best of 2010 photos, with a unique little twist, that we’ll soon be posting. Check back later this afternoon for Part 2!

You can now see Jenn & Paul’s complete gallery of wedding images here. The password is Jenn’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!

(In an unrelated celebration, the city of Alexandria had their Scottish parade the morning of Jenn & Paul’s wedding, coincidentally just outside Hotel Monaco. We took a few frames, of course.)

And back to the wedding prep…

Thankfully no one from the hotel seemed to mind when we climbed on the roof to get the stone background for this shoe photo. Anything for the shot, right?

We love this series Anne captured with Jenn’s mom seeing her in her dress for the first time.



We love this quiet moment Anne captured between the two of them just as they begin greeting their guests.

Dear j&p,

Every email and phone conversation has left us laughing with the two of you. We first caught glimpses of your perfectly timed, deadpan humor, Paul at your engagement session last Summer. We had such a great time with you both that day – our sides were seriously sore from laughing so much! We also enjoyed the little touches you made to uniquely personalize your event, such as embossing Jenn’s family crest into your invitation. Several weeks ago when we saw the Virginia Theological Seminary’s chapel had been severely damaged by a fire, we immediately thought of you and your upcoming wedding. It was heartening to see a nearby church step up, clear their schedule for your ceremony, and allow you to use their historic and beautiful space for your nuptials. And it was even better to see that you took it all in stride with your incredible sense of humor. We *loved* when you said you chose Grace Episcopal Church because of their “flame-retardant stone construction”!

We’ve not seen so many thoroughly tearful toasts at a reception ever. Both Sonya and Mike elicited tears of happiness from nearly everyone in the room, and of course Lee elicited more laughter than probably should be allowed, eh? Naahh! The picture of you, Paul, hurriedly turning your head to sip (or was that a gulp?) from your champagne as Jenn throws her head back in laughter is a classic. And when we suggested going outside in the frigid blackness for some cool portraits, you never hesitated, and we’re grateful for that trust.  You’ve both been just been wonderfully easy-going and funny, and made the wedding what it was–an incredibly fun time for all. It *always* warms our hearts when we see a couple who is so perfect for each other. Congratulations to you both on what we know will be a long and joyous marriage!


PS – Part 2!