Earlier this morning we noticed a neighbor on the beach, donning his wet suit and jumping into the lake while his daughter looked on from the relative warmth of the beach. He cleared out some of the ice while we watched with bemused confusion, and climbed back out. A short while later a gaggle of our neighbors descended on the lake for our own version of the Polar Bear Club. A-ha! We ran to grab a camera and caught them as they were just jumping in.

And yes, we shot this through the window (it’s cold outside!), hence the Christmas tree light reflections you see on the lake. We have some adventurous neighbors!

One late-comer was a little tentative…

They did not last long, as this frame was shot seven seconds after the first frame above. But hey, it looked like fun. If you’re into that sort of thing. ;-D

Wishing you a 1/1/11 filled with fun, joy and warmth!