Happy Friday everyone! Are you digging out from the snow? We got just a few inches down here in our little ‘burb but it was enough to make the roads a bit treacherous and close the schools. Nonetheless, it made for some gorgeous views in our neighborhood, and it was fun watching the snow fall all afternoon.

We’re happy to announce today that we placed several images in our quarterly contest with the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. The organization, of which we’re founding members, has some of the most talented photographers in the world, literally. Amazing work, really. So we’re delighted that our clients helped provide such amazing moments for us to capture later this summer to submit for the contest. Clients whose wedding images appear here will automatically get  a free 8×10 of their choice. Enjoy!

Caitlin & Adair’s priest takes in a pensive moment in the rear of the church just before guests arrive for the wedding ceremony. Photo by Bill.

Carly shares a moment with her dad just before walking down the aisle. Photo by Anne.

Carly & Chris’s dads high-five each other at the start of their wedding ceremony. It’s the first time we’d seen such a thing and loved it. Photo by Anne.

Chris and his groomsmen show off just how highly they think of their beloved Boston Red Sox. Photo by Bill but inspired by Anne. (Carly & Chris are making out this time!)

Lastly, we loved this moment as Travis meets Kate and her parents at the start of their wedding ceremony. “Goosebumps” is how one judge described it. Photo by Bill.

Congrats to all the couples whose images were included! We’re so happy for you and grateful to you.