Last year we had the pleasure of returning to Veritas Vineyards several times for weddings at this beautiful winery. One of them was highlighted in our minds our hearts because of the laid-back, fun-loving approach Daniela and Matt took to their celebration. Not being deterred by the rain, they had their family and friends gather informally among the leather sofas and chairs in the tasting room while they took their vows standing in an open doorway leading out to the vineyards as a soft rain fell outside. That night was an incredible and raucous party, and we had a blast! Today we’re celebrating with this wonderful couple, who shared some of their favorite images with us as well as this update:

We are now in Blacksburg, Virginia, finally living together with our new dog and beautiful countryside view.  A special thanks to everyone who helped make our wedding day a huge success, especially Holland Photo Arts. Bill and Anne helped to capture the emotion, the feeling and the spirit of the wedding day at Veritas Vineyards and Winery that will live on forever through the photos.  Here’s to new beginnings and life full of happiness and joy.  Cheers!

Daniela’s favorites:




Matt’s favorites:


(The one above is also Bill’s favorite image that Annie took that night.)



(The one above was the two of them seeing each other for the first time.)

Their joint favorites:




(We put this beautiful last image on a huge spread on their album, which is one of their favorites in the album as well.)