Wow, where to start? Probably when we were up in DC and met Joy and Jerry at their condo for lunch and great conversation. We knew immediately their wedding would be incredibly special and unique to the two of them and sure enough, the day itself was filled with many personal touches. Because we have so much to share with you from our thirteen-hour-plus shoot (!), we’re going to showcase the images from their celebration in three parts. We’ll first show images from their first ceremony up to the second ceremony. The next post this afternoon will show off some of the fantastic details put together by our ultra-talented wedding team, including the uber-talented and fun-loving Jodi Moraru and the third post will show off moments from their St. Regis Hotel ceremony and reception.

We started out the day with them at Georgetown University’s Dahlgren Chapel for an intimate Catholic ceremony for just their immediate families. When we first arrived there appeared to be some sort of group student activity with lunches and drinks and a hundred or so students set out in the courtyard, which made for some interesting photos initially. Many had dispersed by the time the mass had ended although a few remained to watch Joy and Jerry exit while their families offered up hugs and congratulations. Joy wore a delicate birdcage veil and short white dress she picked out for just the earlier ceremony. After their families returned to the hotel to rest up for the night’s festivities (and boy were they going to need it!), we wandered around the campus and Georgetown’s streets with the two of them for some fun portraits set against the neighborhood’s historical and colorful architecture, not to mention the gorgeous cloud-filled sky.

Afterwards the four of us returned to the hotel to begin their getting ready for the courtyard ceremony at the hotel. While Joy finished up her hair and make-up and donning her next gown, a sleek (and stunning on her), Vera Wang, Jerry talked with close friends and spent a few minutes doing yoga (a practice we think would be smart for any groom). Just before the ceremony, Jerry walked into Joy’s suite upstairs so they could see each other again and enjoy a few minutes alone. Outside, the late-afternoon sun was casting long shadows in the courtyard and we were thrilled at how it landed near where they were to say their vows. They walked side by side through the courtyard’s gate and down the walkway as their friends and families watched. Their officiant Rev. Claire Goodman, with whom we’ve worked several times, offered up a guided mediation for the couple and their guests, helping everyone get into right emotional state to support the couple. It was the first time we had seen this and thought it worked out so well. The ceremony was completely designed by the couple in collaboration with Claire, and they totally made it their own.

Stay tuned first for a selection of some of their fabulous details from the day, then a description of the rest of their evening


Greeting Jerry’s parents outside of the chapel.









We love *both* of the following two shots and just couldn’t decide on one of them for the blog. So you get both! Which one is your favorite? Don’t worry we won’t take it personally – we honestly would love to know. 😉





Joy’s gorgeous Vera Wang hanging in the foyer of their suite. The St. Regis recently underwent a huge renovation and is absolutely stunning.



One of Bill’s favorites from the entire wedding that Anne captured during Joy’s getting ready.


LOVE her shoes and the light!


Really quick first sight!


More faves from Anne of Joy waiting in the suite for the ceremony to start – just couldn’t choose!


Total vintage Hollywood glamor.


Love the excitement on all of their faces (Jodi included!) just before they walk down the aisle of the Astor Terrace.


One of Anne’s faves that Bill captured. Totally in love with the flare.


More coming this afternoon…stay tuned!