In the cool-things-your-neighborhood-does-dept., over the weekend we joined our fellow photographer, neighbor and dear friend Rob Garland along with dozens of our other Lake Reynovia neighbors down on the beach for the annual Christmas Tree Bonfire. It’s probably the best-attended event our community puts on, and starts the evening with hot dogs and s’mores for the kids followed by one-by-one burning of our Christmas trees from all around the community. Volunteers go around and pick up trees from the curb and the trees dry on the beach a week beforehand. It was first postponed from earlier this month due to rain, then extreme cold. This weekend was perfect! You can stay pretty warm as long as the fire is well-fed. Here are a few images from the evening.


Annie enjoys a chuckle with Rob.


Rob hams it up…



Someone had a rather spindly tree that garnered some sympathy come fire time.


It’s very hot that close!