Congratulations to Jess & Matt, who married one year ago today in downtown Washington DC at the historic Willard Hotel, a New Year’s Eve celebration for all involved. We recently asked the happy couple, currently celebrating their anniversary thousands of miles from here, about their favorite moments and photos from the day. This is what they had to tell us.

“I love this photo – it takes me back to the excitement and anticipation of the evening ahead.  We were so excited to get into our special clothes and have our photos taken as the sun was setting at the Jefferson Memorial. This photo was exactly what I had in mind for our classic Washington DC wedding”


“This photo is a classic of my father.  He’s always been my rock in life, but he has a very sentimental side, especially when it comes to his little girls.  The moment captures his emotional reaction before he and my mom walked me down the aisle…a moment that I always knew would be a part of my wedding ceremony.”


“This image is great because it captures the beginning of what ended up being an amazing party…it was the end of our much anticipated first dance, when everyone joined us on the dance floor to kick off the New Year’s Eve festivities. It was the calm before the storm!”


“This was the culmination of the night!  The big countdown followed by endless Happy New Year! hugs and kisses! By this point the party was really swinging and it was great for us to take a moment to appreciate the whole scene.  What a night!”


(We added this image to show the larger scene:)