We had an amazingly beautiful late fall day for Jennifer and Jim’s wedding held in Old Town Alexandria recently. Marrying at Jennifer and Jim’s church, the beautiful St. Mary’s Parish, things were initially running just a little late, a fact their priest made a point of this during his homily, as he joked with the congregation about the couple’s postponements and tardiness. But this fun-loving couple was not deterred as they said their vows during the Catholic ceremony with an added personal touch from Jennifer’s mom who read the Prayers of the Faithful. Nearly one at a time, actually, by returning to her seat after the first one before being urged by the priest to please continue reading the rest (as everyone got a good second chuckle of the day). It was a beautiful ceremony with just the right touch of light heartedness. Once the mass ended, Jennifer, in her stunning Marissa gown, and her new husband Jim bounced down the aisle to dramatic afternoon light coming through the stained glass, exiting from the church to blown bubbles by their friends and family.

After we finished family portraits in a small courtyard just outside of the church, they, the wedding party and us boarded a mini-bus for a trip into DC. Our first stop was along Pennsylvania Avenue for portraits in the middle of the street with the Capitol in the background. Even in DC, people will stop and give wide berth to a wedding party, honking in congratulations along the way. We then headed over to the Jefferson Memorial for a couple of more portraits with the wedding party and then with just the couple while the rest of the wedding party returned to the hotel to rest up for the night’s festivities. We were once again lucky enough to have the most amazing Autumn light that afternoon that cast a warm glow on everything and everyone as the sun began to set.

Returning to the Alexandria Hilton for the reception, everyone took a brief break before the start of cocktail hour. It had been a while since we had a wedding reception at the Hilton, but it was wonderful seeing our good friend Stephanie, their events manager, who also served this time as one of Jennifer’s bridesmaids. We had previously done some commercial work for the hotel as well, so it was nice returning to work again with their friendly staff. As the cocktail hour began, guests found their way to the ice sculpture which served as a luge for the custom-made pink martini drink created in honor of the couple. (Later in the evening the over sized martini glasses filled with “diamonds” -plastic ice cubes pulsing with a purple light- were “borrowed” from the cocktail tables and ended up filled with various libations!) The ballroom itself was beautifully lit with on-table crystal displays but perhaps the most popular part of the ballroom was the candy bar, which was strategically built into the far wall, close to where the kids (of all ages) were seated.

Besides the couple, the big draw the evening was the beyond-words energetic 80s tribute band, the Legwarmers. Everyone was ready to get up and dance, and the band did not disappoint. Aside from a short break during which Jennifer offered up a tearful and touching tribute to her mom, whom she also works with, they kept everyone up and out on the dance floor all night. It has seemed this year in particular that each succeeding couple somehow seems to want to outdo their previous one in terms of a rowdy, energetic party, and Jennifer & Jim played that part as well. I don’t think we’ve seen such action on a dance floor, ever, so these folks win the award for this year! It seemed that the day ended way too early, even though it was late at night, because we were all ready to continue partying way into the wee hours, celebrating the marriage of Jennifer & Jim. We couldn’t have had a better time with this fun couple, and were so grateful to be a part of their celebration. Thank you, you two, for choosing to have us document your wedding!







One of these bouquets fell straight down. Yes, right there.




We had this amazing light out at the Jefferson Memorial and Jennifer knew how to work it!


The ice sculpture/martini luge for their custom drink…









Jennifer’s mom dancing to her favorite song, Unchained Melody, just after Jennifer’s touching toast to her…




And we rocked all night long…


And of course some eye candy for you, both figuratively and literally…