Fall is perfect to spend some time at one of Virginia’s myriad wineries, so it was especially nice to head out to historic Philip Carter winery up in Hume recently. Our talented attorney, Philip Strother, had asked me to do a shoot out at the vineyard just before the grapes were harvested for the season. While we had a couple of dates set, rain had dampened plans just at the last minute resulting in postponement. Though the skies were dark and threatening (and ultimately did rain), on the day of the shoot, it couldn’t have been better. Philip had desired a Ralph Lauren-type of look to the shoot and while that normally requires some great, bright sun, we made it work without it.

We also did a portrait session with him and his family and wrapped up with a wine tasting with some of their blends just coming into maturity, which is about the best possible way I can think of to wrap up a shoot. I really enjoyed myself and appreciate the opportunity. Thank you, Philip and Danielle, and your family for a wonderful afternoon!