It seems like just a couple of months ago we were spending time with Jennifer & Greg and their daughter Lily Rose, photographing her smiling at her mom and dad and generally just enjoying herself as a wee baby. To see her now has been an amazing experience, as we wrapped up our third session for their Watch Me Grow series. The weather could not have been nicer, so aside from a short snack break inside in her playroom, we drew with colored chalk on the sidewalk, played in the sandbox, and relaxed on the hammock behind their home. What a nice, relaxing afternoon! We had the pleasure of documenting Jennifer & Greg’s wedding back in 2005 and have grown to become good friends. Our only wish was that we all lived a bit closer so we could get together more often. We all had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing Lily Rose continue growing and seeing what other artwork she decides to display on the sidewalk.